self advocacy

The Advocates for Equal Rights and Opportunities, known as The Arc A.E.R.O.s, is The Arc of Union County’s Self Advocacy Group.  This group provides a range of programming. The group is committed to assisting individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities to become involved in self-advocacy as a means of supporting positive change on both a personal and social level.

The mission of The Arc A.E.R.O.s is to increase public awareness of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; to provide education and social opportunities; to encourage individuals to find their own voice; and to support advocacy efforts for disability related issues. The group leaders and staff advisors encourage members to exercise free choice and decision making, and enjoy their individuality.

For information regarding statewide advocacy efforts and activities, please visit:  

For more information about upcoming events, please contact Paul Kring, Assistant Director of Quality Assurance.